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Seven years after his retirement from professional boxing Joe Calzaghe, whose last fight was against Roy Jones in Madison square garden in 2008, has decided to return to the sport as a manager.

Calzaghe had what is unarguably one of the best careers in the world of boxing. During his days in the ring, he was undefeated. He fought in 46 career contests and never lost a single one of them. The former boxer, who is a legendary two weight world champion, has now decided to become a manager and guide youngsters who are new to the sport.

Calzaghe, who had such an illustrious career that a documentary was made about him, has secured his professional managers license. In fact, he has taken a step further to connect with promoters and prospective fighters.

He told BBC sport: “Managing is something that I will be good at.” Read more »

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Joe Calzaghe blasts Froch

Legendary British boxer Joe Calzaghe has hit back at claims that Carl Froch is the best ever fighter produced by Great Britain. The Englishman made the comment about himself after he defeated the World Boxing Association Super Middleweight titlist Mikkel Kessler to take the title and become a double champion along with the International Boxing Federation or the IBF Super Middleweight Championship he already holds.

The unified champion stated that he felt that it was time people gave him the due respect he deserves and termed himself the best ever boxer ever produced by Britain.

This win against the Dane avenged the loss that he suffered back in 2010 and the manner of his victory has also been hailed as one English boxing’s greatest triumphs with the Nottingham based boxer completely dominating his opponent to win on points. But Joe Calzaghe, a former two division world champion himself, who retired from the sport back in 2009 still undefeated believes that the comment made by Froch are nothing more than a joke.

He mentioned that ideally, he would have let it pass had it not been an insult to him and many other great British boxers before him. He further mentioned that Carl Froch is extremely delusional if he believes what he said, mentioning that he is not even the best Super Middleweight fighter in the world at the moment.

Calzaghe admitted that the Englishman is a very good fighter but believes he was a better fighter than him and it is embarrassing that he considers himself the best boxer in Britain’s history. Joe Calzaghe also admitted it is pathetic for one to write his own legacy and added that his achievements and contributions will not be judged by him but by others when he is gone and it is the same for himself too.

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