British boxer Anthony Joshua, AJ as fondly called, proved his doubters wrong as he knocked out Russian long time heavy weight champ Wladimir Klitschko in front of 90,000 fans at Wembley.

The 27-year old added the WBA title to his IBF title after stopping his opponent in the 11th round.

The younger fighter was knocked down in the sixth round but he returned to continue, a thing that would trouble the WBC champion Deontay Wilder who sat at ringside. AJ fought hard to bring the fight to a dramatic conclusion – what makes fans go wild.

The Ukrainian champ Klitschko had the experience after 68 fights in an 11-year period but the youthful and promising AJ was not deterred. A single uppercut in the 11th round that left Klitschko dazed was the game changer. Soon after a left hook and a right slowed the fighter and then Joshua expertly went for the kill.

“Massive respect to Klitschko. He’s a role model in and out of the ring and I’ve got nothing but love and respect for anyone who steps in the ring. London, I love you. Can I go home now,” AJ said after the fight and the response was deafening.

Klitschko was a good sport as he added: “The best man won. It’s really sad I didn’t make it tonight, But all respect to Anthony.” The mutual respect was a sight to behold despite the 14 year age difference.

The first three to four rounds were somewhat cool and calm. Wlad did a few things but Joshua remained unfazed. The fifth round was the start of things to come: Joshua hit his challenger with lefts and rights, sending him down. Klitshko came back up and rattled AJ with an uppercut that the Brit smiling as he returned to his corner.

Klitshko sent a crackerjack the next round that sent AJ to the floor for the first time in his 15-fight pro career but he survived. The fight progressed and AJ kept pushing on. AJ had a slight better round in the eight but they shared the ninth. Then the eleventh hour (read round) came and AJ did it.