Joe Calzaghe

Joseph William Calzaghe is popularly known as Joe and he was born on the 23rd day of March in the year 1972. He was born in Hammersmith region in London. He was a professional boxer and he is of welsh origin. Joe Calzaghe is a well known boxer and he one of the legends in the boxing arena. He has a record for being one of the longest serving undefeated World Champion. He has been ranked 11 among all the British boxers. He is a southpaw and he was very good with his left hook and jab.

He has had many knockout victories in his career and he will be remembered as one of the most successful British boxers of all time. He won the WBO super middleweight Championship and he held the title for a record period of 10 years. He also won the super Light heavyweight title and actually held two simultaneous titles and thereby became the longest retaining title winner in the world.

Joe Calzaghe has been a prolific performer and hence he is a well known figure in the professional boxing circuit. He has also many nicknames as boxers often do. He is known as the Pride of Welsh or the Italian Dragon. In the year 2007 he became the sports Personality of the Year and hence he gained even more fame and recognition. He has also won the Best Yong Boxer of the Year award in the year 1995.

Joe Calzaghe had his trademark style of boxing which became quite famous and many other players after him emulated him also. He was very fast in the ring and he could move with a lot of speed which made him very agile and accurate. He was known for his precise and effective blows that left his opponent gasping for breath. His left hook was very effective and he often knocked out his opponents with his vicious hook. His one-two style of play became very famous also and he retired as one of the most successful boxers England has ever produced.

Joe Calzaghe leads a perfect retired life and runs a boxing academy which trains lots of young talents like him and his academy has produced some fine young boxers indeed. He also runs a small business along with his friend who is also a partner in the company. He prefers to stay away from the limelight and leads a very humble and low profile life.

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