Joe Calzaghe vs Chris Eubank (highlights)

Joe Calzaghe Movie Rating: four / five

  • By hoah, March 20, 2015 @ 12:51 am

    Naseem in the bg, goading the guy he tried to rip off. ha what a pussy

  • By miamiorlando1, March 20, 2015 @ 1:12 am

    Calzaghe was a bum and fought old fighters. Even some of those fights were
    probably fixed. You mentioned Bernard Hopkins….Bernard has been finished
    for 10 years. Proves my point even farther – there was some controversy
    that Bernard won the fight against Calzagirly. He should have beat Bernard
    convincingly – but instead – an old washed up fighter gave that tart
    everything he could handle. Any of the good fighters would have knocked
    Calzhaghe out in their prime. He should make a comeback…let’s see what he
    is made of.

  • By SmokeAll Day, March 20, 2015 @ 2:11 am

    A few years earlier Chris drops him for 10 in the early rounds.

  • By miamiorlando1, March 20, 2015 @ 2:32 am

    Calzaghe only fought good fighters – after they were old and finished.
    Totally no respect for him. Same with Rocky Marciano – only fought the
    greats after they were old and in the twilight of their careers. Can’t be
    considered the best when you do that. Calzaghe then retired – as he never
    would fight anyone when he gets older. What a waste.

  • By Sean Freeman, March 20, 2015 @ 3:28 am

    How did Chris Eubank have the title if Steve Collins had it ??? Did he win
    a fight to get it back after Steve retired ?

  • By SPADGER THE RHINO, March 20, 2015 @ 3:33 am


  • By Roberto robert, March 20, 2015 @ 4:09 am

    Looking at this fight you would think they were two amateurs but that is
    the result you get with two great champions they give 100% defense 100%
    skill 100% attack making each other look slow , weak ,powerless but its
    amazing to watch

  • By LUSTINGFOR MINERVAANDGELA, March 20, 2015 @ 4:30 am

    calzaghe is groves , eubank was froch

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