Joe Calzaghe Re-Opens Family Gym

Calzaghes makes news by opening up a boxing gym.

Having been a boxing legend, this boxer has thrown open a world famous boxing gym along with his father Enzo. The Newbridge Boxing Club is the name of the iconic venue that has been the training ground for Joe in 46 fights where he has stood unbeaten. The southpaw was able to beat all opponents in order to become a two weight world champion. He had been trained by his father who also trained Enzo Maccarinelli and Gavin Rees in attaining world titles. Now at 68 years of age, Enzo, who had taken a break from the sport since March 2010, revealed that he has put in his own money to transform the gym.

This was partly in an attempt to find the next Welsh Olympic gold medalist and in 2015 it became apparent that boxing was also a way public was keen to stay in shape.

The gym is located at Abercarn which had been used for one off events as well as a boxing museum where people came to look around. However, today the gym is ready to take on people and be in front of the boxing training circle. There would also be fitness classes that one can take on from May. Joe, who is now 44 years old, states that the gym is amazing and they want people to make use of it. He co-owns the building with his dad. As Joe is retired from active fighting, he has been able to devote time to get the gym running again. With the gym now open, they are looking to get people to come in for classes as well as train fighters. He is hopeful that he can build his own protégé in this gym. The place has history with a lot sweat, tears and blood that it has seen and has been part of the ahe has been