Chael Sonnen thinks Silva will pull out

After going through several delays, it seems the much awaited and highly anticipated grudge match between Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen is set to go through with a date set for a July brawl at UFC 175 in a pay per view event of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

The two fighters have exchanged verbal volleys on social media for years and the American has been relentless in his pursuit of a match against the legendary Brazilian. Just a couple of weeks back, the two were involved in a mass brawl during filming of The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 3. There have been several instances when it has seemed that the match will not go through and Sonnen still thinks there is something amiss.

In spite of the agreement for the match signed by both parties, Chael Sonnen has said in a recent interview that he has doubts whether the match will indeed go through as planned.

He said that it is one of those things where something always stinks. He added that Wanderlei is constantly talking saying things like the American shouldn’t get hurt and things like that and that has got him thinking that something might just be wrong.

Sonnen also mentioned that he has never pulled out of a fight; even when he is hurt or sick, he has still showed up. But with these comments coming from the Axe Murderer, it seems to Chael Sonnen that his opponent will pretend being hurt and pull out of the fight in the eleventh hour.

While it is all just speculation on the part of Sonnen, he has also proceeded to call out Rich Franklin as a backup fight if the Brazilian indeed pulls out of the planned encounter saying that he would love to send Ace into retirement in due time.